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Image by: Antim Wijnaendts Van Resandt


As Bier en Brood, we seek to push the boundaries of visual art by translating intricate computer-generated designs into physical form. We are not just about aesthetics, but about challenging the notions of reality and exploring the possibilities of human imagination.

We draw inspiration from modern society and future technological innovations, incorporating surrealistic and psychedelic elements that offer a refreshing perspective on our world and perception of it. Our signature black-and-white and grey tones, combined with computer-generated optical illusions, give our works a unique visual identity that stands out in today’s world of visual art.

Our artworks create a visual fantasy world that reflects the shift in society from the digital realm to the physical realm. By bringing the digital world to life in a way that combines precision and detail with the tactile nature of “traditional” painting, we blur the lines between the virtual and physical world.

Art has the power to transform the spaces it inhabits. Our works engage with the environment in which they are situated, creating a dialogue between the artwork and the surrounding space. We hope to inspire others to see the world in new and exciting ways, to never stop exploring the possibilities of human creativity, and to embrace the shift towards a future of endless possibilities.
In summary, our works are not just aesthetically pleasing, but are a medium of expression that reflects the world we live in today. We are explorers and innovators who seek to create new forms of art that challenge and inspire, and we invite our audience to dive into our works and explore the boundaries of reality.

How we work

Feel free to drop a line at: mail@bierenbrood.nl you will receive a reply asap. If you are interested in getting a mural painted please write an email with a timeline, dimensions, location and images of the surface. It is a possibility to make a price indication but if you have a specific budget in mind, please say so in advance. Do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to work with you!


Bier en Brood