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The result of our work on two murals underneath ‘Beukelsbrug’ (bridge) in Rotterdam.

The design is based on Dean Bowen’s poem ‘broodkruim’ (bread crumbs), Dean Bowen is a poet, writer and performer and former official poet of the city of Rotterdam.
The poem talks about the city which is building new versions of it self in its cycle of construction upon construction and the comparison between us people building new versions of ourselves in a similar fashion.
We translated this visually to an abstract landscape that slowly morphs into the map of Rotterdam zoomed in at the area where the mural was made:
‘Beukelsbrug’ (bridge), ‘Spangen’ (neighbourhood).

This project was initiated by @bruggedichten and @dezoeknaarschittering
It is based on the poem of @deanbowen, guided by @rewriters_010 and @Hiphopinjesmoel executed by @bierenbrood under supervision of Quist Wintermans Architecten and @geenpoeha_poezie

Supported by @cbkrotterdam @gemeenterotterdam @doornbosequipment @pictoright , Jurriaanse Stichting, Maatschappij tot Nut van ’t Algemeen, Civiel Adviesbureau Waterpas, @Poetry_int , @Rotterdamsedichters
Mural coated with mural coating by @mr._serious

Image 1/8 @jelmer_noordeman
Rest of Images @wim_barzilay_fotografie




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11 August 2021