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Startmotor is a complex in the south of Rotterdam offering affordable housing for the youth, focussing specially on youth that starts working early or is participating in a non university study. In general, but especially for this group, there is a big shortage in affordable housing. By giving them a chance to a livings space of their own they are getting a chance to climb the stairs to independence and to start their journey upward in society.

When we were contacted to create a concept for the art in the parking garage and lounge of this complex we thought of visualizing this concept with the use of stairs.

Going through life is like going through an abstract landscape where you meet certain opportunities that will excel you upward or forward. The stairs in this landscape represent those opportunities. We used the existing columns
and the space in-between to create the illusion of depth so the viewer has the feeling they can really enter the painting.




Art, bier en brood, Black and White, depth, Garage, Mural, optical illusion, spraypaint, stairs


1 September 2020