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Our piece “PANOPTIC PASS”, is a gateway into the infinite.
A look at the future is like having a look through a window with a moving landscape outside, the view is different every time we peek and through each window we gaze.  The world is that ever changing vortex that we are all passing through with a different personality and perspective.

We’ve got to meet so many great people at POW! WOW! Hawaii’s 10th Anniversary!!! Different perspectives, different personalities but all connected to each other through art. It was such an honour to be painting and hanging out with all these great artists.
A major thanks to @mrjasperwong @pro_gress @kameahadar who started this, for organising but also for allowing us the opportunity to be at this gathering of souls. We are so very greatfull!

Thanks to @thinkspace for having our work up on your show!
Thanks @waikikibrewco for having us and making us feel welcome!
Thanks @powwowrotterdam for believing in us! And introducing us to a bigger stage.

Hopefully we meet again!
POW! WOW! Hawai’i you have been amazing!

Supported by: @powwowworldwide @powwowhawaii @montanacans_usa @hawaiihta @xlargejp @xlarge_us @ourkakaako @wardvillage @montanacans @monsterenergy @hawaiianairlines @alohilaniresort @zippys @scotthawaii @heineken @citymill @kahala @thinkspace_art @cbkrotterdam

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#bierenbrood  #streetart #graffitiart #muralism #blackandwhiteart  #contemporaryart #trompeloeil #spraypaintart #bigart #largemurals  #alohastate #powwowrotterdam @powwowrotterdam


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2020, bier en brood, Black and White, Graffiti, hawaii, Mural, muralism, painting, pow wow, Street Art


8 June 2020