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Escher’s Tesseract

Making of “Escher’s Tesseract” portrays a Tesseract existing in four dimensions. It draws inspiration from Escher’s “Belvedere”, showing a figure holding a 3D variant of the Necker cube and being mesmerised by its edges and corners intertwining in an impossible manner.

The mural also conveys the essence of de Binckhorst, a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship where it was created.The Tesseract reflects the area’s versatility and dynamic character. 

The mural can be viewed from 3 different perspectives changing in shape from every angle to enhance the reminiscence of a tesseract.

Teamed up with @streetartprojectsnl to make this commission by @gemeentedenhaag made possible by the entrepreneurs of de Binckhorst: Unknowngroup, @Secrid, @renewi_official, Sunnyway BV @boelsrental, Stichting Haags industrieel Erfgoed and @deboerautolak @montanacans , Video made by Mafalda Madeira music by Jonathan Renoux

Hola Utopia

Close to finishing up in Hannover.
This project that started in September as part of the @hola_utopia_festival and evolved into a triptych after @hanova.immobilien liked the fist mural and requested a second and a third. The project could not have been possible without: Artie Ilsemann who took the responsibility of arranging the back end of the project, @jascha.mueller who contributed to the sketch and production of the mural, @zike_monkeysquad who was the driving force on the Baustelle and materials from @mtngermany  Looking forward to further collaboration with new made German friends and colleages. Picture credit goes to @volkerkemmling , published in the article by @streetartcities

#muralism #murals #bierenbrood #jaschamueller #zikemonkeysquad #hanovacityparken #holautopia #holautopiafestival2022 #montanacolors #spraycanart #mtngermany #hannover #mehlstraße #blackandwhiteart #streetartcities #graffitihannover #streetart #streetartgermany #greyscale #grayscale #opticalillusion #3dart #anamorphicart

The Vision of Lely

Finished this mural “The Vision of Lely” for @writersblockmurals in collaboration with our brothers @karskiandbeyond in Lelystad city centre. A special one for us since we decided to merge our styles and divert from our usual black and white color pallet for once. The work displays the vision Lely had for the “Flevopolder”. It shows elements of the method used to change water in to land and the battle that was waged on this spot to control the sea. Before 1957 the whole of Lelystad and the area around it known as the Flevopolder was water and called Zuiderzee (south sea). To start the process of creating land, in short, de Zuiderzee was sealed with a dam and parts of land where drained of water to create new mass. This design was called the Zuiderzeewerken and Cornelis Lely (man in the portrait) was the architect this genius engineering. We see floating plains representing the new fields that where produced and shapes rising up inspired by arial photos of the emerging of national park Nieuw Land (new land). You can see seeds floating used to fertilise the land and a bever who made the newly acquired land its home. This colourful dreamlike mural of almost 600m2 shows you Lely’s dream of turning liquid into soil. The whole wall has an AR layer which is developed by @moyosamedia en @wildfruit.nl and can be seen if you are on location and open streetart.ar then point your camera at the wall. We want to thank @writersblockmurals for hosting and curating. Happy we finally got to work together. Images by @beyond.graffiti Image 8 and 9 by @pluimfotografie

#lelystad #lely #writersblock #bierenbrood #karskiandbeyond #mural #muralism #streetart #graffitiart #spraypaint #cornelislely #wildfruit #moyosamedia #flevopolder #zuiderzeewerken #flevoland

Circle of Connection at Urbanmorphogenesis

Just returned from Solnechnodol’sk Russia from our participation of @urbanmorphogenesis and had one of the most amazing experiences in our lives. So happy to be able to work on such a surreal location wich is perfect in so many ways, from the hospitality of the people, to the location of the murals.

Our anamorphic work ‘Circle of Connection’ are two murals working together to form one. Also to elements working together the solid and the fluid. Wich is in essence the main theme in our work, black and white the opposites that that are a contrast but in being so also part of each other. The rigid shapes form the frame work an image of the constructions we reside in. The organic circle symbolises the human energy flowing through those constructions that drives humans to connect with each other and form a community.

We want to thank all the organisation of @urbanmorphogenesis for being on top of your game. From the moment we arrived till the moment we left everything was smooth sailing! Спасибо again @dmitriy_levochkin for inviting us and believing in our art!
Special thanks to our cool attaché @nineoneone11 for translating our vision to the Бабушка and help locals understand the concept. Thanks to our assistants @el_basilyo and @plase_art for helping get everything done in time by participating in our spartan discipline.
Looking forward to our next encounter!
ваше здоровье!

#пивоихлеб #bierenbrood #graffiti #streetart #muralism #muralsaroundtheworld #urbanmorphogenesis #culturecode #Solnechnodol’sk #russia #russiangraffiti #grayscale #blackandwhite #spraypaint

The Fourth Wall

Great ? documenting the making of our latest work “The Fourth Wall” by @antimphotography

@Groothandelsgebouw invited us to join @collisionproject.

“The Collision Project is a diverse and flexible testing ground for artists and visionaries of all disciplines to collaborate and discover.(..) We nurture art as experience, not as an object, and facilitate and activate new areas of co-creation.

Since the space we got appointed to is going to serve a public function we decided to play with the audience by breaking the forth wall and make the viewer a part of the artwork by collapsing the walls and creating the illusion of an infinite space. Thus inviting the viewer to take a look into another dimension.

Special thanks to @bycynthianl and @ferdyveerman for your curating, hosting and hospitality. ??

#GHG #Groothandelsgebouw #collisionproject #bierenbrood #antimphotography #muralism #mural #graffitiart #sprayart #montanacans #blackandwhiteart #spraypaint #anamorphic #opticalillusion #rotterdamstreetart #streetart #muralartis #illustration #urbanart #muralart #wallart #streetarteverywhere #streetartist #muralpainting #graff #wallpainting #murales #instagraffiti #muralist