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Bruggedicht Beukelsbrug Dean Bowen: .broodkruim

Two murals underneath ‘de Beukelsbrug’ (bridge) in Rotterdam.

The design is based on the poem ‘.broodkruim’ of Dean Bowen poet, writer and performer and former official city poet of Rotterdam. The poem talks about the city which is building new versions of itself in its cycle of construction upon construction and the comparison between us people building new versions of ourselves in a similar fashion. We translated this visually to an abstract landscape that slowly morphs into the map of Rotterdam zoomed in at the location where the mural was made ‘Beukelsbrug’ (bridge), ‘Spangen’ (neighbourhood).

This project was initiated by ‘Open/Dicht Bruggedichten’ and ‘stichting de Zoek naar Schittering’ based on the poem of Dean Bowen, guided by Rewriters 010 and ‘Hiphop in je smoel’, executed by Bier en Brood under supervision of Quist Wintermans Architekten and GEEN POEHA, documented by Wim Barzilay, video by Koen Samson a.k.a. Het Videobureau.

Supported by CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Doornbos, Pictoright, Jurriaanse Stichting,
Maatschappij tot Nut van ’t Algemeen Rotterdam en de partners, Civiel Adviesbureau Waterpas, Poetry International en Rotterdamse dichters.

Restaurant AJI

In 2017 we made 2 big canvasses of 2 x 5 meter for the opening of Restaurant Aji. They stayed up for a few of years. Pre-Covid it was time for a change so we started designing 2 new canvasses. Unfortunately all restaurant’s had to close their doors and the designs stayed on the drawing table.

Now Restaurant Aji has once again opened and it was time to put up the new works!

Since their kitchen is a fusion of South American and Asian cuisine we decided to take visual archetypal from both cultures and flora and combine them with our style. Please give them a visit for a lovely meal while enjoying the fruits of our labor.

👉 @ajirotterdam

Pannekoekstraat 40A Rotterdam

#AJI #restaurantaji #rotterdam #rotterdamcuisine #foodporn #fusioncooking #canvasart #bierenbrood #largecanvas #pattern #morphingpatterns #mountainpainting #naturepainting

Geef me de ruimte


During the end of this year we were approached by Houssein Bouziane and Joke from MadeBy Rotterdam. Madeby is working on a strong diverse and multidisciplinair art and culture climate which represents Rotterdams society.

They approached us to contribute on the project http://www.geefmederuimte.nl (give me some space) This project uses the public space to communicate a positive message in these hard corona times. These are the artist and projects that are part of Geef me de Ruimte.

Mr. Marly Marl: Photo exhibition which takes place in various locations through Rotterdam and documents the interesting (fashionable) individuals inhabiting the Rotterdam streets.

Sober Industries: Big sculptures that show endangered/essential animals in the public space. As a reminder of the ongoing climate crisis.

Bier en Brood: A mural about connection. During the pandemic connection is a more important subject than ever. We want to connect but can’t. The classic handshake is a symbol of connection. The will to touch each other is big. We should support each other in these unstable times. Keep your distance but stay in touch!

“Geef me de ruimte” is supported by Rotterdam make it happen.

“Contrast” by Karski and friends

We are super excited and happy to receive this great book, a collaboration between artist and friend Karski who we worked with on several projects. He collaborated with Tia Maria on this cool alcoholic coffee drink and designed the packaging. To celebrate the launch this beautiful book is published called “Contrast”. It displays work from Karski and a great selection of his colleague’s and friends:

Karski & Beyond
Bier en Brood
Stefan Nikolai Ormeling

Check out some of the pages!

Bier en Brood x Beyond Content Limited Edition Pop-Up Shop

There is still a lot of turmoil in the world regarding this subject. We collaborated with Beyond Content to help out in the fight against injustice and support unity. To contribute we produced a series items consisting of clothing a bag and a mask with our work regarding this subject.

100% of proceeds will be donated Black Lives Matter and Innocence Project.

If you would like to join the fight against injustice and support unity and look fashionable while doing so, please consider buying one (or several) of these Items through the following link https://beyond-content.myshopify.com/collections/brier-en-brood

Shipping world wide!