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The Auguries

Final images of the triptych in Hannover.
This project that started in September as part of the @hola_utopia_festival and evolved into 3 murals.

The future was the inspiration for these murals. How abstract would our world look to a caveman put in this time. Imagine what it would be like to travel the same distance into the future. The murals represent portals into the future. A glance into another reality wich we are moving towards with tremendous speed. An abstract, calculated, digital world with no right or wrong only 0 or 1, objective, based on numbers and fact but for now still fiction on the wall.

Thanks to @hanova.immobilien for making your walls available. Thanks Artie Ilsemann for arranging the back end of the project. Thanks @jascha.mueller who collaborated big time on the sketch and production of the mural and @zike_monkeysquad who was the driving force on the Baustelle and materials from @mtngermany Looking forward to further collaboration with this great team! Picture credit goes to @kevinmuenkel

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Transformational Innovation

Nijmegen a city known for its long history which dates back more than
2000 years. Partly due to its favorable geographical position. Situated on the south bank of the Waal, a branch of the Rhine in the region of the ‘Great Rivers and near the border of Germany. It has a long history of trade and academic achievements. Resulting in the formation of institutes like “Radboud University” and “Novio Tech Campus” Which has in its turn made Nijmegen a hot spot for innovations in health and tech.
We can achieve great wonders. By predicting patterns in behavior of our bodies through computers. By replacing vital organs with mechanical parts. By creating medicine which heals the most complicated diseases. If we wish even produce clones at our demand. All this designing of our vessels and its surroundings what will it lead to in the distant future. Will there be a time where our veins are replaced by cables, our eyes with camera lenses and our thoughts on display through screens because our data is optimized though the flow of the correct algorithms?

Made for @thebigdrawnijmegen on @kock_bril_shop
Thank you for the great hospitality! Felt really welcome during the creation of the mural.

#bierenbrood #kockbrilshop #thebigdraw #thebigdrawnijmegen #nijmegen #noviotechcampus #radbouduniversity #opticalillusion #opart #futurism #abstractsymbolism #Trompe-l’œil #philosophyoftime #mural #muralism #graffitiart #blackandwhiteart #spraypaint #montana #montanacans

Geef me de ruimte

During the end of 2020 we were approached by @housseinbouziane and @jhmfvbilsen from @madebyrotterdam.

Madeby is working on a strong diverse and multidisciplinair art and culture climate which represents Rotterdam society.

They approached us to contribute on the project www.geefmederuimte.nl (give me some space) This project uses the public space to communicate a positive message during those hard corona times. The object can now be observed as a time monument. A reminder of our will to be connected during hard times. The cube stands out among the surrounding architecture thus making it a recognisable meeting spot.

We decided to make a mural about connection. During the pandemic connection is a more important subject than ever. We want to connect but can’t. The classic handshake is a symbol of connection. The will to touch each other is big. We should support each other during those unstable times. Keep your distance but stay in touch!
We made the last icon a fistbump a well used way of greeting during covid times but also one that is celebrated in street culture.

“Geef me de ruimte” is supported by @rotterdam_makeithappen .
Painting support by @pinwin.lastplak
Coating by @mr._serious


Recently made this mural for @fullhousevastgoed

@fullhousevastgoed renovated this classic old pre war Rotterdam building back in to perfect shape after it was in a severe state of decay. Happy to see some classical architecture is being preseved and happy to add another layer to the visual expirence of this location with this mural.

This mural can be found in on Burgemeester Roostraat 51

#publicart #fullhousevastgoed #rotterdamstreetart #blackandwhiteart #opticalillusion #anamorphicart #graffitiart #mural #muralism #globalstreetart #rotterdam #blackandwhiteart #bierenbrood #psychadelicart

Circle of Connection at Urbanmorphogenesis

Just returned from Solnechnodol’sk Russia from our participation of @urbanmorphogenesis and had one of the most amazing experiences in our lives. So happy to be able to work on such a surreal location wich is perfect in so many ways, from the hospitality of the people, to the location of the murals.

Our anamorphic work ‘Circle of Connection’ are two murals working together to form one. Also to elements working together the solid and the fluid. Wich is in essence the main theme in our work, black and white the opposites that that are a contrast but in being so also part of each other. The rigid shapes form the frame work an image of the constructions we reside in. The organic circle symbolises the human energy flowing through those constructions that drives humans to connect with each other and form a community.

We want to thank all the organisation of @urbanmorphogenesis for being on top of your game. From the moment we arrived till the moment we left everything was smooth sailing! Спасибо again @dmitriy_levochkin for inviting us and believing in our art!
Special thanks to our cool attaché @nineoneone11 for translating our vision to the Бабушка and help locals understand the concept. Thanks to our assistants @el_basilyo and @plase_art for helping get everything done in time by participating in our spartan discipline.
Looking forward to our next encounter!
ваше здоровье!

#пивоихлеб #bierenbrood #graffiti #streetart #muralism #muralsaroundtheworld #urbanmorphogenesis #culturecode #Solnechnodol’sk #russia #russiangraffiti #grayscale #blackandwhite #spraypaint