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The Fourth Wall

Great 📾 documenting the making of our latest work “The Fourth Wall” by @antimphotography

@Groothandelsgebouw invited us to join @collisionproject.

“The Collision Project is a diverse and flexible testing ground for artists and visionaries of all disciplines to collaborate and discover.(..) We nurture art as experience, not as an object, and facilitate and activate new areas of co-creation.

Since the space we got appointed to is going to serve a public function we decided to play with the audience by breaking the forth wall and make the viewer a part of the artwork by collapsing the walls and creating the illusion of an infinite space. Thus inviting the viewer to take a look into another dimension.

Special thanks to @bycynthianl and @ferdyveerman for your curating, hosting and hospitality. 🙏🙏

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Recently we have been working on two murals underneath ‘de Beukelsbrug’ (bridge) in Rotterdam.

The design is based on the poem ‘.broodkruim’ of Dean Bowen poet, writer and performer and former official city poet of Rotterdam. The poem talks about the city which is building new versions of itself in its cycle of construction upon construction and the comparison between us people building new versions of ourselves in a similar fashion. We translated this visually to an abstract landscape that slowly morphs into the map of Rotterdam zoomed in at the location where the mural was made ‘Beukelsbrug’ (bridge), ‘Spangen’ (neighbourhood).

This project was initiated by ‘Open/Dicht Bruggedichten’ and ‘stichting de Zoek naar Schittering’ based on the poem of Dean Bowen, guided by Rewriters 010 and ‘Hiphop in je smoel’, executed by Bier en Brood under supervision of Quist Wintermans Architekten and GEEN POEHA, documented by Wim Barzilay, video by Koen Samson a.k.a. Het Videobureau.

Supported by CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Doornbos, Pictoright, Jurriaanse Stichting,
Maatschappij tot Nut van ’t Algemeen Rotterdam en de partners, Civiel Adviesbureau Waterpas, Poetry International en Rotterdamse dichters.

Leeuwen op de Coolsingel

At the start of the quarantine days we were working in Museum Rotterdam on a mural that was part of a exhibition about the stories revolving around the period from attack and occupation till the liberation of Rotterdam between 1940 and 1945. The exhibition would have been open during the celebration of the liberation on the 5th of may but because of the corona epidemic we were not as free as usual and the opening has been postponed until the 1st of June. Now that the museum is open again you can go and check the exhibition. You can reserve an entry at: museumrotterdam.nl/

In this video you can see a short behind the scenes of how we prepared and executed our mural and our thoughts on the subject matter and the way we present our concept.

Video by: gadogadofilm.nl/
made for: museumrotterdam.nl/ stadsarchief.rotterdam.nl/ cbkrotterdam.nl/

“Leeuwen op de Coolsingel
tentoonstelling: 01/06/2020 – 21/05/2021
Locatie: Museum Rotterdam

Ongelofelijke verhalen uit de oorlog is een tentoonstelling in Museum Rotterdam over Rotterdam in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Gekozen is voor een perspectief waarin feit en fictie in elkaar zijn opgegaan. Sterke verhalen, gekleurde herinneringen en mythes bepalen evengoed ons beeld van de oorlog als voorwerpen, archieven en foto’s. Liepen er na het bombardement Ă©cht leeuwen over de Coolsingel?

De ruimte van het museum is ingericht in vijf kamers, waarin voorwerpen zijn uitgestald tegen de achtergrond van een enorme muurschildering. CBK Rotterdam selecteerde en begeleidde de vijf Rotterdamse kunstenaars die ieder zo’n mural voor hun rekening namen. In het selectieproces speelde het vermogen van de makers om sterk narratief te werken een rol, alsmede de wens van CBK Rotterdam vijf karakteristieke, maar ook zeer verschillende tekenstijlen aan het publiek te tonen. CBK Rotterdam droeg tevens bij aan de honoraria voor de kunstenaars.

Iedere kunstenaar werd niet alleen aan een thematisch onderwerp gekoppeld (bombardement, oorlog, dagelijks leven, trauma, wederopbouw), maar ook aan een historicus waarmee kon worden gespard. Inge Aanstoot, Isra Paez, Bier & Brood, Sandim Mendes en Luuk Bode maakten de vijf enorme schilderingen. De werken blinken uit in hun combinatie van historische gebeurtenissen en artistieke vrijheid. Bij elke muurschildering wordt bovendien een film getoond waarin de kunstenaar en de historicus over hun werk en onderwerp spreken.”

POW! WOW! Hawai’i 2020 The 7th Annual Exploring The New Contemporary Movement Curated by Thinkspace

We are so very proud to announce that we will be part of POW! WOW! 2020. We will be painting a large scale mural in Honolulu. Because of this we are also participating in the _THE 7TH ANNUAL EXPLORING THE NEW CONTEMPORARY MOVEMENT_
Curated by Thinkspace. The exhibition will be on view February 11 till 15 at 449 Cooke Street
Honolulu, HI 96813. If you are in the neighborhood drop by the opening Tuesday, February 11 from 6-10PM to check out our latest painting “Incognitus’ irl.
Also we want to take a moment to thank Daniel and Dave from Rewriters010 for introducing us to POW! WOW! and have us join previous editions in Rotterdam. Much love and respect!

Check out their websites for more info:
https:// thinkspaceprojects.com

Dromos Inertia by Bier En Brood @ All City Canvas Global Series 2019

August 2019 we visited New York to work on a big project for All City Canvas. Check out this interview to learn more about our concept and approach.

“The talented dutch duo Bier En Brood participated in All City Canvas Global Series and created a monumental mural in Manhattan, New York. Becoming the number 15 of the series.”